Terms & Conditions

All our orders take between 2-3 weeks from placement of order to packaging. Everything is made from scratch especially for you, so please be patient and remember… we are a small team, doing big things ;). Keep this timeframe in mind when placing your order and try not to wait until the last minute – especially for big orders.

When completing your order form, please give extra attention to the following points:

Your postal address (for normal post)

Your physical address (for courier)

Your cell or contact number


Once your order form is submitted and processed, you are liable for the entire order and said amount. No changes can be made on any order once it has been processed. If you wish to add extra items to your order you must handle it as an entirely new order and send it through accordingly.

Please take note that any such orders will be handled as a separate order and thus receive its own invoice and completion date.

When filling in your order form: Please include ALL information clearly. If ANY customized sizing, colours, designs etc is not included ON the form, Vrek-Oulik does not take any responsibility if the final product is not correct. NO email correspondence or reference to any email will count – IF IT IS NOT ON THE ORDER FORM IT DOES NOT COUNT!

Invoicing is done twice a week – you will receive your invoice via email. Please check your invoice carefully. Please acknowledge receipt of invoice, and if necessary make arrangement for payment, if payment cannot be made immediately. If no payment or arrangement is made, we WILL NOT START PRODUCTION ON ANY Items.

NO extra charges will be necessary for EFT payment

You will receive all design proofs for approval the week prior to your completion date. Please check these designs carefully for font preferences, spelling and design elements. Once approval has been sent through to us, we except that there is no problems with the designs and we therefor do not take ANY responsibility for any mistakes on the final product. You will be held liable for any and all cost if the product needs to be re-made because of this.

Please take note that Vrek-Oulik do not take any responsibility for colour matching of products. If you send us a picture of a product that is, for example, Blush Pink – but you do not supply a colour code or colour name, we will not take responsibility if the colour is not exactly what you had in mind. Always enquire about your colour beforehand and make sure we can supply that specific colour.

Every product is custom designed and handmade individually. Thus not one product will ever look exactly as any other – even if it is the same design. Products are hand assembled and hand painted. Differences will occur. Vrek-Oulik will not be held responsible if a product does not look exactly like another one that has been advertised by us on Social Media or our Website or via Email. Please take note that photographs of products may be Photoshopped and edited.

You will be notified by email if your order is finished and ready for pick-up or postage, once:

a.) The order is finalised, and, b.) Full payment has been received.

If you are in Pretoria or can make special arrangements you are more than welcome to skip all postage and courier costs and pick up your order form Vrek-Oulik personally. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make arrangements beforehand. Vrek-Oulik will not be held responsible if you show up without arranging and there is no one to assist you.

We make use of The Courier Guy for courier purposes. Prices vary according to location and size of package, so please contact us for a quote.

Please be 100% sure of your address and check it twice. Vrek-Oulik will not be held responsible for any parcel ending up at the wrong address if said address was incorrect when supplied.

Vrek-Oulik will not be held liable for any damage, loss or theft of parcels – we will also not take responsibility for late deliveries because of strikes or any other reason.

Vrek-Oulik is not responsible for tracking of sent parcels. Once your order has been sent, we will send you your tracking number via email.

Vrek-Oulik has a strict No Returns Policy. No Returns, Exchanges or Refunds will be given, so check your order carefully before submitting and approving designs.


All products are the intellectual property of Vrek-Oulik and may not be reproduced without written permission form Vrek-Oulik and all its members. All rights reserved.

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